World Health Day 2019: Our Expert Nutritionist Recommends These Lifestyle Changes For A Healthy Living

World Health Day 2019: Our Expert Nutritionist Recommends These Lifestyle Changes For A Healthy LivingStaying fit is not the matter of few days, it takes time by indulging in the series of little things which you do every day to stay fit and healthy. To stay fit is always a work that is under process until you achieve a healthy living style. Well, you might be thinking what those tips/ways to stay fit are?

Me time: In me time, I generally give time to work out since workout/exercise is amongst the most important ways to stay fit and healthy. Cardiovascular workout aids in strengthening heart and lungs, while strength training facilitates strengthening of muscles and stretching reduces the risk of injury by escalating your flexibility. Nonetheless, workout/exercise results in enhanced blood circulation and helps in combating depression, anxiety and stress by producing happy hormones.

Note: Stretching should be performed at the very beginning of workout and at the end of it.

Healthy eating habits: I eat as much as fresh fruits, vegetables I can in the form of salad. It doesn’t stop here, whole grains play another important role in my diet. My sole idea is to maintain a healthy balanced diet by inculcating foods from all the five food groups- carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Avoiding overeating by giving yourself a chance to digest the food is also necessary. At last, restricting processed/junk food items containing artificial flavours and sweeteners/hidden sugars, excess fat and sodium are also suggested which I always keep in my mind.

Walk while talking over a phone call: The type of work I do is the part of a sedentary lifestyle, which can be the cause of muscular degeneration, spiked glucose levels and anxiety. In order to deal with it, I always prefer to walk while taking over a phone call with my clients as it gives the necessary break to monotonous hours of sitting and also keeps certain health parameters in check.

Quality sleep: Well, quality sleep is quite hard to get these days due to packed work schedule which tend to distress mental and physical health extremely. The lack of sleep shows adverse effects on concentration, mood, metabolism, memory, immune system and cardiovascular health. Hence, I always make sure to have a quality sleep that can help repair and rejuvenate the body cells and needed parts of body.

Regular health check ups: Mandate health checks are important to keep a track on your physiological health. Doing so, help ensure the inner health of body by opting for appropriate changes in lifestyle or taking necessary medication respectively. So, get the health check-ups done once in six months or in one year. If something is abnormal, immediate action can be taken under the guidance of a doctor and nutritionist.

Keep surroundings positive: Building and keeping the surrounding positive is extremely essential to stay calm as it helps promote happy hormones and boost mind stability which is also an important aspect to stay fit mentally and physically.

You too can follow these tips as a guide to achieve a fit and healthy living style!

(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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