Rajinikanth paid for this guy’s education. He is now repaying Thalaivar by designing banners for his films

Rajinikanth and layout designer Madhi

Superstar Rajinikanth is one of the many actors, who does philanthropic activities without seeking any publicity. In the last two decades, he has helped several people by lending monetary help for their education, medical and other expenses.

One such person is poster and banner designer Madhi. He is the go-to person for designing banners of Rajinikanth. Most of the fan club members approach him to design banners ahead of Thalaivar’s films. In an interview to Asiaville, he has shared his story about his relationship with Rajinikanth.

Opening up about how he knew Rajinikanth, he said, “My family is poor and my mother worked at Rajinikanth’s house. Rajini sir paid for my school fees. My grandfather also used to work there. He was a corporation worker and used to clean the area around Rajinikanth and Jayalalithaa’s house (Both of them live in Poes Garden). Sometimes, he works inside Rajinikanth’s house too. So, Superstar would chat with my grandfather while reading the newspaper. Every year during Diwali our entire family would go to his house. Rajini sir would give us sweets and new clothes. He also gives money to my grandfather for his work.”

Madhi also stated that Rajinikanth never likes anyone who falls at his feet. “One day, there was a huge crowd outside his residence in Poes Garden. So, he had asked my grandfather to come to their house in Adyar. He arrived in a Benz car, wearing a white dhoti and shirt and when he got out of the car, few people fell at his feet to get blessings. But, Rajini sir warned them not to do such things. He noticed us in the crowd and asked us to come upstairs with him. He courteously asked us if we were waiting for a long time. He greeted us, gave us sweets and spoke to us for quite some time,” he elaborated.

Reminiscing about his memorable moment at Rajinikanth’s residence, he shared, “Once, my family went to his Poes Garden residence when Rajini sir was not at home. The watchman stopped us and asked us to wait for a while. The watchman didn’t lend an ear to my grandfather and even Latha amma was not informed of our arrival. After a while, she noticed us and asked my grandfather why he was waiting at the gate. When he explained, Latha amma lashed out at the watchman in front of us. And then, we went inside their house and Latha amma was chatting with us. I kept smiling the whole time and she asked whether I was studying well.”

Madhi said that he is forever indebted to Superstar for all the help he has done to his family. “Rajini sir helped us when we were struggling and I got a good education because of him. So, I need to repay him. I am proud and happy to make his posters and banners,” he concluded.