Fijian fashion industry impresses Vogue creative director

The Fijian fashion industry has given me a really lovely message to take away says Vogue creative director Jillian Davison.

Davison who is part of the Bottega Gold Fijian Fashion Festival in Suva, says she is impressed with the indigenous touches reflected in the designs.

“I really didn’t know what to expect and it’s really wonderful to see all the different designers and I think overall what I have really come away with is really a fantastic use of prints and colour and really the shapes on the body I love to. There is a lot of skin showing and everything feels sort of festive and quiet optimistic.”

While exploring the local stores, Davison says Fijians are really embracing fashion and the future of the industry looks exciting.

“There was like this really good energy. I feel like the designers are kind of really seem to be working together and very supporting of each other. And there is a real mix of ages, people coming to the industry and there are some very established designers too who are really embraced with what they do.”

More than a hundred models have showcased designs of 15 renowned local and regional designers at the two day Festival.