Effective Ways to Promote & Grow Your Fashion Apparel Brand on Instagram

Gaining more and more followers for your fashion apparel brand is just a matter of grabbing users’ attention. You must be chalking out the marketing and promotion strategy for your fashion apparel brand. You must necessarily include Instagram in your strategy if you wish to attain phenomenal growth and success eventually. Remember Instagram is an amazing social media platform and you need to harness the power and versatility of this marketing tool if you wish to establish a niche for your brand in this highly competitive world of fashion. However, it is not easy to attract and retain customers on Instagram. Here are some effective tips for promoting your fashion apparel brand on Instagram.

Come Up with a WOW Profile

You need to create an amazing profile for your fashion apparel brand. Your profile must be highly optimized. The profile must clearly explain what your brand is all about and what is on offer for your potential customers. The intention of this profile is to give your audience a reason to establish a connection with your apparel brand. It is necessary to include your company’s profile picture, name, bio, and the URL to your official website.

Narrate Your Brand’s Unique Story

Whatever you are posting on your fashion apparel brand’s Instagram account must be aligned with your unique brand story. If you want your audience to associate your brand to a distinct hipster lifestyle and philosophy then in such a case, all your Instagram posts must necessarily in some shape or form incorporate that hipster element.

Post Top Quality Pictures of your Product

The main idea is to consider displaying your attires in real-life settings. For instance, if your brand is about designer sportswear, your pictures must include a famous tennis player playing on the court or a baseball player in the field. This way you could boost your followers, however, you could buy real Instagram likes by contacting a reliable digital marketing agency.

Generate a Compelling Caption

No pictures could convey a complete meaning without a proper caption on Instagram. You need words to effectively reinforce action. You must incorporate some action words such as tag a friend; double tap, etc. to gain more engagement on your Instagram posts. However, even stunning pictures would lose their significance without a compelling caption and may fail in getting the perfect response and full engagement from your followers.

You may consider practicing the art of apt caption writing. You do not need to repeat what is already in the photo, simply accentuate it. Several successful brands incorporate a direct question or CTR for providing that extra invitation or impetus that should be opening up numerous conversations about your Instagram post.

Focus on Video Content

Amazing pictures of your fashion apparels are just not enough to drive more engagement and retain your audience’s attention and loyalty. You must focus on generating great video posts and include Instagram Live and Instagram Stories in your Instagram marketing strategy for your fashion apparel brand. In order to succeed, survive, and sustain popularity in this competitive Instagram arena, you need to certainly build a robust relationship with all your followers and the best way of doing it is generating superlative videos.

Shower Your Followers with Freebies

Interaction has always been a huge part of the promotion process, but it has taken center-stage now that businesses have moved online. You have to constantly keep your customers interested and build brand loyalty by interacting with them. Targeted hashtags are a start for sure, but you must also exploit one of the best Instagram marketing tactics: the freebie.

Customers will be interested in and willing to follow you if you promise them a freebie and it doesn’t even need to be particularly expensive. You can use Easypromos’ great tool called Instagram Sweepstakes to create giveaways to a certain number of participants who meet certain criteria like using a hashtag, mentioning friends, or commenting on your photo. These contests can be sponsored posts so you attract as many people as you can and then convert them into customers.


The associations and community of your fashion apparel brand are equally important as your outfits and Instagram is certainly the best tool for promoting that brand identity. Very soon customers would be after your brand and you do not have to chase them anymore.