Beauty tips for working women

Beauty tips for working women

For these working women a day really becomes hectic due to tight schedule. They need to wake up early, do house hold chores, make the kid ready for school, get ready for office and even after office they still are busy with cooking and other works at home. What should you do then and how to take care of your skin? Here are few tips you may like.

Facial Sprays or tissues:

These are easily available in the market and you carry it in your bag. It cleanses, moisturizes and keeps your face fresh. You need to look fresh all the time and so this comes to your rescue which even doesn’t consume much time.

Translucent Powder:

When you are running out of time and you need to get fresh and ready then just use some facial spray or wipe your face with a facial tissue, apply some concealer and apply this powder.

Hand Cream:

Hand cream is something you need all the time to keep your hands moisturized always. Moisturize your hands whenever you wash your hands.

Cuticle Cream and Pink and Peach Nail Paints:

Keep your cuticles soft and prevent dryness by applying a good cuticle softening cream. Don’t use bold colors or nail arts since they don’t look decent for your work place. Opt for nude shades, pink and peach colors. Trim your nails and keep them in shape always.

Blotting Sheets:

If you have oily skin then use blotting sheets. These are soft and silky sheets and so can be used around your eye areas and all over your face. Keep them in your bag so that you can use it any time when required. This also prevents pimple and acne formations.

Lip Gloss:

There are two options for you. If you want to moisturize your lips, highlight cheekbones and brow bones, then get a pearly white gloss that can do this multi-tasking. If you don’t prefer highlighting and instead want some tint to your lips, then go for a nude shade tinted lip color. If you want you can use a tinted lip balm as well.